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We can design and manufacture your own badge!

This badge is an example of a design we created for a group of Sheffield Wednesday FC fans and, interestingly, it features the Yorkshire Rose! To find out what we can do for you, click here.

Be proud to be Yorkshire - wear a badge

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About House of Logos

Established in 1975, the House of Logos is the UK market leader in the design and manufacturer of stick pins, badges, tie pins, pendants, cufflinks, earrings keyrings and other promotional products.

All items can be made to your specification in either gold, silver, pewter or enamelled base metals. Our items are ideal for promotional events, new product launches, to enhance corporate identities, awards and presentations, charity fund raises, memberships, conferences, anniversaries, exhibition give-aways, incentives and promotions. House of Logos is a trade and end user supplier.

Now for a spot of old history surrounding the Yorkshire Rose...

War of the Roses The War of the Roses was a series of civil wars

Some interesting facts about the War of the Roses and Yorkshire

The name 'Wars of the Roses' refers to the badges associated with the two royal houses, the  White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster.

Powerful nobles would offer protection to followers who would sport their colours and badges, and controlled large numbers of paid men-at-arms. This was one effect of the breakdown of royal authority which partly caused the wars.

As Shakespeare wrote:

'England hath long been mad, and scarr’d herself:
The brother blindly shed the brother’s blood;
The father rashly slaughter’d his own son;
The son, compell’d, been butcher to the sire.
All this divided York and Lancaster.'

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